3 Ways in which Google serving 4 ads on top of results is good for some SEOs and our clients

Google has been squeezing money out of search for over a decade now.
Some SEOs live in fear of SEO dying once there are only ads on Google.

I don’t think there’s anything to be afraid of and here’s why.

Survivor mentality

With each new ‘SEO is dead’ post, we get new ideas on how to improve our offering and how to deliver value, against all odds.
When Google has delivered Penguin, we started using content marketing.
When Google took away the keyword data, we started developing keyword research and content based on topics.

Whatever Google throws our way, we’ll find a way around it.

Changing behaviour

The more Google stuffs it’s results with ads, in whatever shape or size, the higher the percentage of people moving to duckduckgo or bing. Also the higher move of people and search tendencies to apps or specialised search engines, like amazon. We simply need to ensure we’re on these platforms to support our clients and continue delivering value.

Rise of ad blockers

The more annoying the ads, the more people will move to using ad blockers and the more money will go into developing ad blockers, to stop Google and other platforms from spamming us.
This will give birth to new era, of more Organic internet and more ways in which Good Content will reach us and ads won’t.

I think the future is bright and 2016 and years to come will deliver more hidden goodies like Google testing 4 ads.

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