Progress: my move from Jellyfish to RocketMill

I’m typing this post on the train from Brighton to East Grinstead – my last day commuting to Jellyfish. I moved in with my girlfriend and out of Brighton a few days ago you see.

It’s been a great time working for Jellyfish, they’re a great and talented agency, spanning now three continents and wide array of services. Some really great people I had pleasure to work alongside!

For me now it’s time for a change, another leap forward in my life, I’m joining RocketMill tomorrow (1st of May) – a smaller agency, but with a great team and offering and with a soul and passion for what they do.

It was a really hard decision, but the timing was so right and the approach of guys from RocketMill seems to be aligned with my current vision of how I want to do things at this stage in my life.

Thank you to everyone I worked alongside and thanks to all the top Twitter/Skype/FB SEO folk I get the pleasure to converse with – you’ve all been impartial in this step up for me.

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