Four Best Moments of Brighton SEO September 2013

Hey guys, I hope everyone enjoyed Brighton SEO – for me it was a great day and I’m already looking forward to the Content Marketing Show in November and the next BrightonSEO.

Here are the 4Β moments/things I enjoyed the most on Brighton SEO September 2013:

1. Stacey’s malfunctioning clicker

Stacey Cavanagh presented Low Cost Link Building with Data Despite both clickers not wanting to obey. She was collected throughout and handled it well. I did giggle though thinking that I’d of probably melted if it was me up there having to click 4 times to change a slide!

Here are Stacey’s slides as a reference.

2. Max Brockbank’s theory of links taking 4-6 weeks to make an effect on SERPS

That made me really lol and I asked him a question afterwards in Q&A as to where this time frame came from. He then carried on talking for 5 minutes around the topic… Looks like a good guy, but oh my – this really stood out as a no-no thing to say… just so wrong.

3. Phil Nottingham and his F*cking video presso

My tweet of one of his slides received the most retweets and favourites I ever got from one tweet…


Phil’s presentation was one of the highlights of the day, although he wouldn’t stop swearing and talking really fast. Here’s the link.

4. Meeting Aleyda and Gisele for the first time. And Steve and Martyna. Finally!

Aleyda and Gisele

People talk a lot about how fun it is to meet fellow Twitter SEOs you never spoke to in real life. It is really fun! And they are all lovely people. I look forward to catching up again!

See you all soon.

PS. If you’re after the full list of presentations from BrightonSEO, here’s a handy post by JackNorell (by the way, it was nice to meet you Jack!).

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