Just announced: Google’s ‘scarlet letter’for sites not on HTTPS

Google will soon start highlighting unsecure websites in Google Chrome using a warning on the address bar.

According to Vice.com, “during a presentation at the Usenix Enigma security conference in San Francisco, Google pushed the proposal out in the open with much more fanfare, and gave a sneak peek of how it’s going to look. (You can see the little red “x” on the padlock in the URL bar.)”.

I can’t foresee a huge impact this will have unless the awareness of it increases.
There are no statistics on how many people actually look there for the usual security icon.

It’s yet another step by Google to ensure more sites are moving to secure servers, using https protocol rather than http (unsecure).

If it’s not in your 2016 plans to go secure, this may aid the argument.

Google’s next move could be to highlight secure sites in search results in the future, or boost their rankings.

If you need any help with moving your site to https, get in touch.

sources: Bill Hartzer, Vice.

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