How To Be Happier – 103 Ways To Be Happy

Recently I realise more and more how busy I am with my life and it seems to me from recent reading that it’s a very common issue.

A while back I stumbled across this post by Chris Winfield – listing 103 different ways to be happier. We chatted with Chris as I thanked him for the list and asked if I can reproduce his work in a different format – he agreed (thanks again Chris).

I’ve made a printout of it (click here to download the PDF), but it was 3 pages long – just a simple one so I can keep one at work and one at home, recently I take joy from using oldschool stuff like paper (after months of only touchscreen use).

I realised I needed something to remind me every day and to make this list digestible. Especially because we should be ‘always here’.

Video I first found on a great post about the power of being present by Selena Narayanasamy.

Below is the calendar embedded, you can also download it as a CSV here and with basic spreadsheeting skills easily edit the dates so it starts for you from tomorrow.

How does it work?

I’ve set this one to run from 18th of December and remind me of the next good thing at 8AM each day.
And to set me an email (via reminder settings within Google Calendar) every day before 8AM with a days idea to improve happiness.

Link to the Google calendar – if you just want to jump in and synch with mine.

(to add this calendar to your Google Calendar click on the tiny Google logo in the bottom right corner:)

Thanks and enjoy!

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