The mysterious Google update on January 17th 2013

Many in the SEO community noticed the fluctuation of the rankings on Thursday January 17th 2013 – particularly in the UK. This reminded me of the Google flux before Christmas where Google confirmed Panda update a few days after it happened. Similarly this time flux happens and a few days later Google confirms a Google Panda update. I have a feeling this is how it’s going to be in 2013.

Having seen some comments (including some particularly recognised SEOs like Pete Meyers) I decided to document the January 2013 Google updates (or the noticable flux) in this blog post.

January 17th 2013

On January 17th I noticed fluctuation on a few keywords I check daily and I commented on Twitter with @CraigGilhooly confirming he noticed some flux too  : twitter screenshot

It seems like the update started on 15th for some as per this SERoundTable Post.

Then on 17th Barry posted ‘stronger signs of an update‘ on which I commented saying it doesn’t look like an EMD update to me, more of a mix of Penguin and Panda (to which I still stick to to this day – January 26th).

se round table


January 22nd

Finally on January 22nd Google confirmed a Panda update and again, Barry Schwartz commented on Search Engine Land here.

My thoughts

From what I saw in the portfolio of sites rankings I monitor in UK there were a few drops (filters triggered) by what looks like some Penguin tightening its algo (filter for over-optimised incoming anchor text).

There were also a few which could be rather related to insufficient relevancy of the page to the query.

And a few which could be related to Panda. Hence my belief it’s more of a mixed update. And as much as I agree with the brand push, I also noticed many content/news websites in UK rising in rankings, so not too sure if it’s the authority of a site deciding here or the fact one is a brand.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Further discussion/information on this update:

A recent post about the January 17th Google update stating it looks like a brand push (with thoughts from Pete Meyers) on SERoundTable:

Google update denied

Thanks to Barry Schwartz for his reporting, SEO Sherlock for retweeting stuff I don’t read the first time I see it and to, Pete Meyers for his thoughts on brand push and Craig Gilhool for confirming my suspicions when the update was rolling out.

Photo credits for the cute panda go to zidane_0120.

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