Twitter SEO’s Birthdays

Thanks to today being my birthday I found that two fellow SEO’s have birthdays very close to mine – 21/03.


This inspired me to put together a blog post listing my favourite Twitter SEOs birthdays so you can add them to your calendar to wish them happy birthday when it comes out. Or, to be ready with a blog post featuring their photo and a birthday cake to get it going viral on Twitter and utilise the opportunity.

The SEOs are listed in no particular order (this may change one day) so for now use CTRL+F to find your favourite SEO’s birthday.

First one up is Iain Bartholomew, aka ‘LinkLove celebrities stalker’ with a birthday on 21/07/81.

Next one is Aleyda Solis with 30/08/xx 😉

After that comes the SEO comedian (or SEO sage as others know him), Chris Gilchrist:

Mike King from iAcquire is 29/08, while Tom Critchlow and Wil Reynolds are 31/08:

Bill Sebald’s birthday is on 11/2 (11th of February):

The best looking man in the world, Joel K is 11/12 (11th of December):

Mr Don Rhoades’ date of birth is 13/04:

Emma Still is 28/11:

Barry Schwarts 22/03:

Joanna Butler is 11th June 11/06:

Joanna is on a protected account so I couldn’t paste her answer, but it’s here below:

Joanna Butler ‏@JoannaButler Protected account 1m
@krystianszastok Sure! I’m 11th June 🙂 …and belated happy b’day to you!!

Paddy Moogan’s (great SEO and author of the Link Building Book) birthday is on 07/02:

Andrew Isidoro is 28/03:

Modest Pete Handley is 12/08:

Ned Poulter‘s birthday is on 19/12.

Will O’Hara‘s birthday too is 19/12.

Rest as soon as I figure out how to embed Twitter profiles in some half decent way.

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