How To Be Happier – 103 Ways To Be Happy

Recently I realise more and more how busy I am with my life and it seems to me from recent reading that it’s a very common issue.

A while back I stumbled across this post by Chris Winfield – listing 103 different ways to be happier. We chatted with Chris as I thanked him for the list and asked if I can reproduce his work in a different format – he agreed (thanks again Chris).

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How Social Media Turned my Hair Purple in 48 hours

It’s Thursday – a day before BrightonSEO – the best free SEO conference in the UK, happening right here on the south coast. I’m scouting Twitter doing bits of outreach and socialising before the event to see who I can meet in person from people I’ve been following for a while.

How it Started …

I watch the hashtag #brightonseo on my tweetdeck – and soon noticed a trend – a fair few SEOs who couldn’t attend events were asking if anyone needed a ticket. I decided to RT some of the tweets to help tickets find a new home so they didn’t go to waste. Luckily someone replied – a neighbouring Blogger Outreach agency: Don’t Believe The Hype.

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