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Are you tired of freelance SEO consultants trying to sell you a blind bargain? Do they use dodgy techniques or not communicate to show you the results of their work clearly?

Book a free SEO consultancy call with me and collaborate with someone who works on a performance basis, communicates with you weekly, stays accountable and delivers on time, on value, week in, week out, providing you with a great ROI on SEO.
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SEO Strategy
As a London-based SEO expert, I specialise in developing and executing full scale, results-focused and fully bespoke SEO strategies.

I will drive long-term, sustainable growth by knowing your competitors, defining a strong direction for your content and executing the project systematically.

Intent And Action Focus
Intent of each page and the desired action of a user underpin all of the keyword research and onsite SEO.

Google reviews each page and its purpose and whether the user is satisfied on the site visit. Meeting this criteria is key to ranking any page.
Frequent SEO Tests
Weekly / biweekly testing of various changes and elements is the best way to find what’s working quickly.

Then I deliver large scale changes based on these tried and tested types of SEO onsite content/technical changes.

My Clients

Over 14 Years of Freelance SEO Experience

I’m a London-based SEO expert and I’ve been devising and managing successful SEO strategies and campaigns for leading brands, startups and rising stars for 14 years.

I first developed my skills working on the agency side (leading SEO departments in some of the best digital marketing agencies in the UK), before establishing my reputation as an international freelance SEO consultant in London.

I’ve worked with multiple businesses, helping them upskill internal teams, running training sessions, and providing support with processes and documentation.

I also help smaller businesses with my SEO consulting – focusing on the business’ priorities to maximise every budget and deliver great results with quantifiable ROI every time.

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Arrange a free, no strings attached SEO consultation. I’ll look at your site and respond to your specific questions, on a 20 minute call. If you’d like to work together after that, great.

If not – no hard feelings, I’m happy to help and take a chance on that.

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    A selection of the key SEO tools I use

    As seen on:

    Bespoke SEO Strategy
    I don’t offer any pre-packaged services, only bespoke consulting for your business.

    Every SEO strategy, every consultancy session or project is fully bespoke to you, based on your business needs and your current online visibility and challenges.

    My SEO consulting services are always tailored to each businesses’ needs.

    Why do I individually tailor a SEO strategy for each business I work with?

    Every business is different and every single time I analyse rankings or review the Google Search Console and look for 301 or 404 errors, I find different scenarios.

    It’s only natural that every business will thus require a different approach. A good SEO strategy should be based on your particular situation and the tools and tactics used to execute it will differ.
    Website Migration / Move
    I’ve managed many migrations of large and complex websites.

    I’ve got a proven process and the majority of clients not only didn’t lose traffic post migration, but ended up with more visits to their site.

    The key point to note is that in every migration, whether it’s from domain to domain or from one website structure to another, there is a set of steps that should be followed.

    This shouldn’t be neglected as many migrations go wrong and result in a loss of visibility when a SEO consultant doesn't follow strict procedures and doesn't benchmark results closely enough.

    Loss Of Traffic/rankings
    During my SEO consultant career I’ve helped many businesses which have faced a loss in website traffic in the past, to identify, remedy and restore the website to old levels of visibility online and leads.

    Everyone involved in running a website should use a rank tracking tool. This way you record valuable data which is a life saver in cases of any penalties or losses in traffic.

    For example when I search for 'seo consultant london', I'm consistently on the first page.
    Keyword Research
    I provide full keyword research that comes accompanied by a content plan for any new pages or changes required.

    The keywords come with seasonality, categories and identified and analysed intent, as part of the freelance SEO consultancy process.

    Nowadays the correct approach to this involves tagging keywords into purchase stages and grouping them into topics.

    This adds an even further layer of data which assists in composing a solid content and SEO strategy.
    Google Algorithm Problems
    For anyone experiencing a drop in traffic, this could be related to a penalty. I consult and help companies to find out what penalty is causing the issues and what steps are required to get out of it.

    Sometimes Google Algorithms may only ‘pull you back’ on some of the pages or keywords, and sometimes they may involve misuse of Schema, too.
    Investigations into this area are really complex and involve digging into a lot of SEO data.

    As the top-rated freelance SEO consultant in London, I foresee these as I continue to monitor the SEO landscape across many industries and markets.

    Technical SEO Audits
    These range from top line (for businesses on limited budgets) to more in-depth, covering ecommerce sites, mobile SEO, site speed and more.

    During technical auditing, I use Screaming Frog and Sitebulb as my main tools of choice.

    I recommend using them to scan the site to get the best idea for what exactly you’ve got on it and what the structure and markup are.

    Technical SEO consulting is the cornerstone of any successful SEO campaign.

    What's My SEO Consulting Process?

    At the very start of the engagement I review your situation, the landscape and get an understanding of the limitations in place that may be holding your website back from ranking well.

    I then review the competitors and create a gap analysis and present the findings to you, and we will work together to agree on the direction of the campaign.

    We then execute the campaign on an ongoing basis.

    How Do I Work With SEO Clients?

    As one of the leading London SEO consultants, I aim to be as flexible as possible.

    I prefer to run weekly or at the least, biweekly conference calls with screen sharing, where we can go over the newest findings and results. Having these weekly touch points enables me to be fully accountable for the results.

    I use Trello for project management and various SEO tools, outputs and insights that I will share with you.

    I don’t have any long term contracts, working with me on a month-by-month basis.

    My Own SEO Plugin: FAQ Schema

    To the right you can find my own SEO plugin: Free FAQ Schema For Pages and Posts (yes, catchy name, I know).

    It enables you to display FAQ Schema on any page or post (duh) – which is useful if you want to let Google know that your questions and answers are valuable, and believe me, you want to let them know.

    The benefits range from just being ‘good’ in Google’s books by improving quality signals on your site to gaining more landscape visibility on Google’s search results.

    – Nikki Laker, review via TrustPilot

    What is SEO?

    SEO is a process of improving visibility of a website on a search engine.

    For most websites the goal of SEO is to generate more leads and sales.

    SEO stands for search engine optimisation.


    With organic and SEO, the more you invest, the longer you future proof your visibility and the more your search results will grow.

    With paid ads, what you put in each month results in instant results and instant traffic, but it doesn’t improve your long term ROI. SEO does.


    Search engine marketing is a combination of tactics to market a website, it includes SMM – social media management, but is not limited to it.

    SEO relies on organic traffic, whereas SMM relies on Instagram or Facebook, and SEM uses a mix of these and paid media.


    If you hire a SEO specialist based in London, you will be able to enhance your website’s growth, while they remain at the heart of the industry based in the capital.

    Search Engine Optimisation is a continuous process and the ROI grows with time. The longer you practise it and the more Google trusts your expertise and your website’s ability to provide useful information, the better ROI you’ll enjoy.

    Search Engine Optimisation also integrates really well into other practices and the costs aren’t high to get started, especially if you hire an SEO freelancer based in London.


    If your website lost traffic or you’re struggling to improve your visibility, I would recommend getting help.

    Similarly, you don’t go to a personal trainer if you don’t need help with working out.


    I provide continuous recommendations for your website and your rankings. I review you vs competitors and check the site for technical issues.
    There are many activities involved, but that’s the overall idea.


    In most cases yes. Size doesn’t matter. As long as you have a website that used to or is generating leads, in the majority of cases, I can help boost them.

    However, it is important to keep expectations realistic.


    As always, it depends on your situation. If you’re London based – and you rely on local traffic from regional keywords, then a good strategy, with citation building and onsite Search Engine Optimisation results are achievable most of the time.

    I prefer to work remotely as it allows the most freedom and most productive, stress-free environment.


    Technical SEO is a practice involving improving your website for users and search engines, from a technical standpoint.

    Making your website faster, better structured and marked up for the bots.


    On-site SEO is the part of SEO that happens on the website itself, within full control of the web developer.


    Off-site SEO is everything that happens outside of the website - so linking to it, citations, social media and brand signals.


    More and more queries transfer from being desktop first, to mobile first. That's why also mobile web design and the 'mobile first' practice are gaining in importance.

    Google's bots also primarily crawl mobile versions of the site these days and use them for rankings.


    Mobile first is an approach to building websites for mobile devices and then scaling them up for desktop and larger screens.

    This ensures that any website is great for mobile (and mobile SEO).


    ASO is 'app store optimisation', it's a practice of optimising apps on the app store.

    They use different algorithms and require a certain know how and a different set of skills to optimise for.


    Sadly, Google doesn't always distinguish between quality links and fake ones.

    The war between black hat SEOs and Google has been waged since the start of making money online.


    Link equity is the 'link power' or 'link juice', in the old times called PageRank, and it has roughly that connotation.

    It's the idea that links influence rankings, in what way though exactly, only Google knows.


    Content gap analysis is the process of comparing your website with that of competitors, from a content standpoint.

    As part of the SEO process, I believe it is very important to measure yourself against the leading websites and find and learn from the differences between yours and theirs.


    I practise SEO on a weekly and monthly basis. It takes different time based on each different website.

    For some sites it can take a few days to rank, in some difficult scenarios it can be months.


    That is just impossible, and usually if they say they do, they use very dodgy short-term tactics by deploying low quality links which may damage your visibility in the long-term.


    Drop me a message via my contact form or give me a ring and to arrange a free initial SEO consultation.

    Why is Freelance SEO Consultancy London my Mission?

    Why this mission? Because that’s what makes me wake up in the morning, sorry to be very cringy here.

    I have started as an SEO consultant exactly this way, by helping out a fellow employee to start his dream business up - a bed and breakfast - which thanks to my help in driving leads, allowed his business to thrive and for him to leave his day job.

    What did SEO use to be like?

    Coming back to this very first engagement into SEO consulting and my very first SEO client, reminds me of why I’ve started and why SEO feels like such a great thing to do every day.

    Knowing this, and being connected to this initial value emotionally, makes me, I believe, a top choice for 'SEO consultant in London' and have been ranking top for 'SEO freelancer in London' and related keywords for years now.

    Working with great businesses, with people whose vision and point of view I admire makes this a constantly engaging space to be in.

    How do I See The Future Of SEO Consulting?

    Google is constantly developing in the way that they understand search queries.
    And this development presents constant challenges for businesses that rely on search traffic to generate sales.

    SEO Voice Search

    I am seeing a lot more emphasis on ‘questions and answers’ present on the results from Google (their answers and direct answers boxes) as much as on people’s websites (the rise of ‘FAQ pages’ in schema).

    Authoritative Google Data

    I’m also seeing a push towards authoritative data. This sometimes results in censorship of some of the results, particularly in the health industry.
    Google has employed more fact checking for health facts and possibly filters sites that provide bad medical information or make too many ‘alternative health’ claims.

    London SEO Consultant: Newtide Digital Ltd

    Although I provide my services remotely, here's the map of my postal and business registration office location in London.

    I usually run SEO consulting appointments with potential clients over video conferencing, with a screen sharing facility.

    I have developed a unique productivity method and therefore I can provide maximum value.

    SEO Consultant London: The Future

    Whether we're speaking about future SEO consultation, or I'm just giving you a free 20 minute SEO audit/SEO review session - you can expect to walk away with solid ideas for your website and actionable takeaways.

    For SEO training sessions or SEO workshops, as long as I get enough notice, I can come up to London and we can meet wherever suits best.

    A North London Freelance Contractor - 2022 Update

    I'm currently based in North London and I'm very much enjoying Brent Cross and the Golders Green area, visiting the Golders Hill park whenever I can.

    Following the pandemic I'm still managing to get my clients solid top 3 rankings across a range of keywords and a great return on investment.

    As a leading SEO Consultant in London I always strive to use the newest SEO approaches, compliant not only with the latest Google algorithms, but most importantly ones that will stand the test of time.

    Book a free SEO consultation call

    Arrange a free, no strings attached SEO consultation. I’ll look at your site and respond to your specific questions, on a 20 minute call. If you’d like to work together after that, great.

    If not – no hard feelings, I’m happy to help and take a chance on that.

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      SEO Q&A

      How do you stay up to date on industry changes and Google updates?

      I’m a member of a few private SEO groups where leading world professionals share the most important news and insightful case studies.


      I frequent online SEO events and conferences (I spoke at BrightonSEO a few years back) - recently I was invited to run a Twitter Q&A:

      I subscribe to multiple newsletters, I follow all official channels of major SEO news outlets (and Google’s own properties, of course too on Twitter and Linkedin).

      I also developed and promote (with an Australian EO agency that came on board to cobrand it) my own WordPress SEO plugin that has over 2,000 active users: - I have been interviewed a few times about it and SEO in general , here’s one of the links:

      Does your SEO strategy include mobile optimisation?

      Yes, it is absolutely key that SEO is based on mobile-first approach as Google since 2019 started to use the mobile index as the basis for rankings:

      The content should be the same on mobile devices as on desktop, the mobile speed and experience are very important.

      This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mobile SEO.  

      What do you require from us to deliver strong SEO results?

      Copywriting, help with changes to the website, possibly developer support (if the Technical Audit uncovers deeper issues that can’t simply be resolved by using the CMS).

      What kind of links will you be building and how?

      Judging on the fact that you have way more links than your competitors I wouldn’t focus on my efforts on this area at the start. We have so much to do on the site that it would be a waste of time.

      Once we’re underway with improving the site and content, I will do a competitor backlink analysis which would then give us a roadmap to generating genuine backlinks. 

      I base them on the quality links that your competitors have, whether they’re features or partnerships or local directories (citations).

      The way of obtaining the link differs on the link type. Some are very complex and I’ll discuss them with you on a case by case basis if they're of high value to your visibility, but if they’re just directories I’ll approve them with you and can submit myself. 

      I only go after recognised UK names, not any no name directories from other countries (unless we get to work on your visibility abroad).

      We would like to see what your SEO reporting looks like - could you provide a sample report?

      Yes - I’m happy to send a sample report. Please bear in mind that I had to remove the client name, some of the pages and also crop the screenshots (to hide their brand).

      This client has weekly calls with me so they’re being kept up to date constantly, they also have a SEMrush dashboard (as I’ve recommended them to get an account and helped them set it up and trained them on it) so they know where they are. 

      Therefore, there’s no need for very in-depth reporting. I also set up automated weekly reports etc so that my clients always know where they are in terms of Organic Visibility.

      What happens if you’re away and an urgent SEO issue crops up?

      I never travel without my laptop, I only take a week off (without it) a year. 

      I always let my clients know if I travel and if an email doesn’t get a reply within a day/two - just call me, or leave me a whatsapp voice note and I always reply to them straight away. 

      In 5 years of running my consultancy I never had this type of an issue come up.

      How often will we have meetings?

      I do weekly zoom video calls, once the virus issue goes away, I have always tried to work from clients offices on bi-weekly basis. 

      I believe that the more contact we have and the more hands on we are, the better the results.

      Can you itemise the services you intend to provide as part of the SEO strategy?


      Technical SEO Audit

      Competitive analysis and gap analysis

      Content review (especially towards intent matching)

      Keyword research

      Competitor backlink research and generation.

      These are the main services/skills/processes I use - I pride myself on setting up bespoke SEO strategies for businesses and helping them overtake their competitors in the results. I don’t like to be tied to the above, but they are the core processes.

      I also offer project management and the actual delivery, training and assistance. What I do is quite bespoke, I tend not to use templates as each business is different. 

      I prioritise fitting my services and actions around your business and strategy, not the other way around.

      We’re aware that black-hat SEO techniques can result in an increase in rankings in the short-term but penalties from Google in the long-run. What guarantee or evidence can you provide that any progress/improvement made will be long-term?

      I’ve worked with companies like EDF Energy (for a year), continue to work with - these types of companies would never allow for any black hat approaches or sneaky links etc.

       I always had to be transparent and if any of my actions didn’t provide sustainable results, I wouldn’t be able to keep my clients happy for many years. Some of the companies I work with I’ve worked with for 2-3 years now.

      What happens if we’re not satisfied with the results in 3 – 6 months – i.e. is there an out clause?

      I don’t have a fixed contract. My contracts are monthly rolling contracts - at any time that you’re not happy with the results you can ‘pull the plug’. 

      I let my work ethic, efforts and results keep clients happy, not contracts.

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      About Me

      I’ve been devising and managing successful SEO strategies and campaigns for leading brands, startups and rising stars for 14 years. I first developed my skills working agency side (leading SEO departments in some of the best digital marketing agencies in UK), before establishing my reputation as an international SEO consultant.
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