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I offer B2B SEO services to businesses marketing to other businesses. Unlike B2C (business to consumer), B2B presents a series of unique challenges for SEO.

As a seasoned professional, I can offer your B2B business the help, guidance and strategy it needs to ensure that its SEO will really work to enhance your business’s leads, sales and enable long-term growth.

What makes B2B SEO unique?

B2B SEO requires strict attention to detail, and as an SEO consultant, I will create an in-depth strategy plan to guide you through all the changes that will need to be made in order for your website’s SEO to improve.

Your business may operate in a small niche in a particular industry, but I will ensure that we will work hard to find and optimise the most relevant, profitable and effective search terms for your business.

What do my SEO services look like?

Working with me ensures that your existing website’s SEO plans will be refocused, reassessed and refreshed to ensure that your website will gain more organic traffic and will attract more businesses who will benefit from your products and services.

If you do not have an existing SEO strategy, I can create an ambitious and effective strategy from scratch.

My strategies ensure that you’ll see some quick wins early on in the campaign, while I also consider the bigger picture and improve your SEO for the long-term.

I don’t believe in reusing and reshaping other campaigns to suit your business. I know that every B2B business operates differently with a different strategy and target audience. Therefore, all of my SEO strategies are completely bespoke and targeted to your business’ current SEO problems and goals.

Why is SEO important for your B2B business?

If your business does not show up on the first page of Google when you search for a keyword associated with your B2B business, this is a major indicator that your business is in desperate need of a tailored, expert SEO strategy to really boost your business’s rankings on Google.

Nowadays, the main way that businesses find other businesses to work with is Google.

Most B2B purchases start on Google, and if your products and services aren’t visible on the first page, you risk losing hundreds of potential customers and thousands of pounds in revenue.

Is SEO one of the most beneficial marketing tools available?

SEO can be complex and the strategies might have to be reengineered throughout the SEO campaign. However, I am always willing to adapt and change direction if we find that the initial strategy isn’t working. Thanks to this flexibility that my bespoke SEO strategies offer, we can really see exponential growth from six months of working with me.

Although you’ll start to see small changes in growth and your rankings will improve in the first six months, it can take a while for all the changes to take effect and for Google to acknowledge all of the different amendments and improvements I’ve made to your website.

After six months, many of my clients will see a massive improvement in their rankings and organic traffic, increasing sales and bringing in more customers to their B2B business.

Advertising ROI tends to be proportional to the amount of money you spend on it, whereas SEO can really lead to record levels of growth and leads for your business.

What are the SEO services I will provide for your B2B business?

I provide a wide range of different SEO services for your B2B business. All my campaigns and strategies are strictly bespoke and tailored to your B2B business’ exact needs and issues.

As an experienced SEO strategist, I can offer you a variety of different options to improve your SEO. I can work with you on an SEO project, which has a specific end goal and particular aims and problems you’d most like me to address.

I can also offer ad-hoc SEO consulting services, such as a technical SEO audit or some keyword research. This is a great option for businesses looking for a bit of an extra boost to their already existing SEO campaign.

I also specialise in long-term SEO campaigns and strategies, and we can work together on a monthly basis. This will really allow me to plan for the long-term and you’ll be able to see your SEO campaign improve month-on-month.

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