Content Marketing Service

Content Marketing Services

In the digital marketing world, content is one of the most important aspects of your website.

But can’t great content just speak for itself?

Everyday, thousands of articles get posted online. Content marketing is essential to get your content the traction it deserves.

What do my content marketing services cover?

My content marketing services can help promote a wide range of content – from text based content, video, infographics, images and so much more. My content marketing strategy will increase visibility and grow your organic traffic.

Content marketing is such an important part of SEO that many agencies and freelancers offer content marketing services as a standalone service.

Master Brand Authority with my Content Marketing Service

A crucial part of SEO involves building brand authority.

This can all be achieved with content creation, content curation and good marketing techniques.

Once you create high-value content you can increase your brand authority. However, you need to get initial traction for your content first.

What kind of sites does Google reward?

Google rewards sites with good quality, authoritative content, and Google typically rewards these sites with high rankings and traffic to your website.

As a content marketing freelancer, I will create a roadmap strategy for your content. This could be just a marketing strategy or it could include all the research, curation and creation of new and old content.

I use a content calendar to help plan new content and to give me a timeline of when new content should be produced and published.

What does content marketing consultancy involve?

Your content will be unique to your brand and the audience who reads it will be completely unique too.

As such, you’ll need meticulous and research-driven content strategy to ensure that the pieces of content that you’re producing are going to click with your audience and increase engagement and organic traffic.

Content marketing is an essential part of creating content.

Most articles published today fail to gain any traction and struggle to rank, and you could quickly end up spending thousands of pounds in content creation while it still struggles to create any growth for your brand.

What does my content marketing strategy involve?

My content marketing strategy will allow you to attract new potential customers who will engage with your content.

This will increase end-user retention and interaction and visitor loyalty – all helping create a stronger brand.

My content marketing strategy services include:

  • Content review and content calendar production
  • 1 on 1 meetings and consultancy
  • A fully planned content strategy

What is good content creation?

No matter how good the content strategy is, if the content is unreadable, badly written and sloppy, you still won’t be able to engage your target audience.

Good content should feature exceptional writing, broken up with engaging videos and images.

Even if the content is well-written, it should never be presented as a slab of plain text as this is more likely to put your audience off, rather than encourage them to continue reading and invest in your brand.

When do content marketing campaigns flourish?

Content marketing campaigns will flourish when the strategy and the quality of the writing are working together.

Without amazing, emotive content, you’ll struggle to engage the user.

The world of SEO is constantly changing, so it’s critical that you produce lots of factually correct, useful and well-written content.

Which industries do I work with?

I provide SEO services to a wide range of different industries, including:

What platforms do you work on?

I provide SEO for many different CMS platforms. These include – but are not limited to:


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If not – no hard feelings, I’m happy to help and take a chance on that.

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