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Hello, thanks for visiting my page on ecommerce SEO, with a particular focus on Magento SEO as that’s the platform I have the most experience with.
If you’re on shopify, demandware, prestashop or woocommerce, I can also assist.
Ecommerce SEO is so much more about proper keyword research, technical SEO and avoiding content duplication, than your usual local or B2B campaigns.

Keyword Research for ecommerce seo

I use a combination of purchase stages and I’m a strong advocate of including keywords from awaress/education, product and amplifier stages.
Here are some examples:
Awareness stage (example keyword: how to prepare for a marathon)
Sales/product (running shoes)
Amplifiers/linkers (stats on people running in UK or how many hours people run weekly)
Identify your buyers triggers, the moments they will search.
What is the stressor here, for example:
If someone’s knee is hurting, after running, they may search for:
  • runners knee
knee soar after running
knee pain after running
swollen knee
When building these content hubs, based on different stages, don’t just look at content length and keyword density.
Review what other words top 3 ranking competitors use.
Grab content via 
Get the actual written content for each competitor
Pop into a worldcloud tool
Now, compare to your page and add more words that competitors have more of. To work on the topic relevancy of the page.
This exercise is also helpful for reviewing how your competitors advertise with USPs, are they cheapest, fastest delivery etc.
What USP can you emphasise that they don’t use currently, in order to stand out?
Remember to set up remakreting – to drive people who reached you via ‘awareness’ keywords, into your sales funnel. 
New keyword research tools I recommend:
If you’re interested in working with me on either of the following, in relation to ecommerce SEO, I’m your specialist!
  • Ethical link building
  • Keyword research
  • Website migration help
  • Competitor SEO Analysis
  • Technical ecommerce SEO

Contact me on 07455 183 193 for details on day rates, deliverables on typical projects etc.


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