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Find local customers with a targeted local SEO campaign.

Increase organic traffic and revenue and engage more customers within the proximity of your business.

Improve Your Local SEO

For many businesses, some of your most important customers will be those sitting on your doorstep.

With localised SEO techniques, I can enhance your website with a keen focus on a geographical audience.

What does Local SEO mean?

Local SEO will improve your organic rankings for those searching for your business in your area.

This means that under a good local SEO campaign, the increase in organic traffic will often be from local people who are more likely to fill out your enquiry form or buy your products.

Additionally, when your business is localised, you’re less likely to be in competition with national brands.

How does Local SEO work?

Local SEO is pretty self explanatory – it’s all the standard practises of SEO but kept condensed to a specific area.

If you follow a more local approach, it is easier to identify keywords used by people in your trading area or city. You can then hone in into these keywords that are used for your service or product.

What specific things do you need to account for in a local SEO campaign?

Potential customers will often search with the terms “near me” or the town or city name after their main search query, so it’s important to account for this when designing a local SEO strategy.

It’s important that your website doesn’t just rank highly in Google, but also ranks highly in Google Maps listings.

Even though you’ll be working in a much smaller area than you usually would, it’s important to recognise that whether a local or national campaign, you’ll still encounter some ranking challenges.

This means that for any SEO campaign the strategies are pretty much the same, but for local SEO the strategies will just be on a slightly smaller scale.

Does Local SEO impact both mobile and desktop users in the same way?

Local search doesn’t just impact desktop users, but it’s slightly different for desktop, laptop and mobile users and where they’re searching from counts too.

The world has shifted online, and it’s never been more important to curate an online presence for your local customers.

Local SEO services will be able to help your website perform better in local search results.

How Can Local SEO Services Help Your Business?

Our local SEO services can help improve all different kinds of local businesses – including retail outlets or service providers. When you choose to invest in local SEO services, you will start to see technical improvements, citation improvements and trust improvements – all of which are required for your rankings to grow. I can help with all aspects of Local SEO search, and by working with me, we can ensure that your business ranks highly in your local area.

What exactly is Local SEO?

Local SEO means improving your business’ organic search traffic and online presence in regards to a specific location and radius.

To start improving your rankings on Google, it’s important to show that your business offers users value in their products and services.

It’s also critical that Google ranks your website as being trustworthy, with good topical authority.

What strategies will I use to improve your website’s local SEO?

As I work on improving your website’s local SEO, I will also evaluate your local competitors and put in strategies to outrank them.

I use a wide range of tools and techniques to achieve these results and we’ll be able to drive forward local relevance when it comes to promoting your local services.

What Are The Benefits of Using Local SEO?

In comparison to other marketing strategies, such as pay-per-click advertising or directory listings, local SEO offers the best value for money.

There are countless benefits associated with local SEO. The stronger your organic visibility, the more likely your website will rank highly for a wide variety of keywords, resulting in increased organic traffic and exposure. This will of course result in a higher number of enquiries and product sales.

I have years of experience working in local SEO, with both small and large businesses.

I will create an extensive strategy plan for your local business, incorporating On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, keyword research, competitor analysis and so much more.

What Factors are Important in Local SEO?

Google’s Local Algorithm will assess many micro-factors when it comes to your website.

The algorithm will evaluate how people interact with your brand, pattern of brand searches and it will also review profiles too.

Google’s Local Algorithm will also assess how your website performs in regards to audience trust and your website’s reputation.

What key factors should you be aware of when improving your local SEO?

Some of the key factors to be aware of include:

  • Optimising your Google My Business Profile
  • Building positive Google reviews and interactions
  • Brand searches and brand mentions
  • NAP (name, address, phone) consistency
  • Citations and local links

What should be implemented during a local SEO campaign?

There are many things that you should consider when starting a local SEO campaign.

Here are some things that have to be implemented when developing a local SEO campaign:

  • Local SEO Audit, both on and off page
  • Local citation building
  • Content creation with localised aspects
  • Optimised meta data with your business’ location incorporation
  • Pillar pages with coverage for sub-locations
  • Local searches or searches detected from the vicinity of your business

What aspects of traditional SEO are also important in local SEO strategies?

Aspects of traditional SEO are also essential when considering local SEO.

You should consider these factors when implementing your local SEO strategy:

  • Your website should load quickly, without buggy or jerky layout shifts and it should be optimised for Google Core Web Vitals
  • Good user experience
  • Highly relevant content on your landing pages
  • Good quality external links from a range of businesses
  • Your site should already implement best practices on site in respect to headers, URLs, tags, content distribution, titles, internal linking and more

What Will My Local SEO Service Include?

My local SEO service involves an initial localisation audit to measure how your website performs in Google Local Search for particular keywords and queries. I will then start addressing your website’s technical issues and will make a full assessment of your landing pages to ensure that they are fully optimised for your audience.

I provide these services for local SEO:


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