When it comes to engine optimization, there are a lot of things that need to be considered. However, there are some basic concepts and standards that never change. SEO keywords, which remain as something that is the most valuable, may show a plethora of information about users. They can reveal their struggles, wishes and various queries.

There are countless SEO rules and methods that can get you confused easily. As the time passes by, it becomes almost impossible to determine which to keep and which can be avoided. Hence, I have created a list of 10 tips that may help you with this issue. Take a look at it and you may find some ideas.

Make sure that you focus on people first, and then on SEO

Most content writers forget to provide quality content and focus only on SEO and keywords. Sure, keywords, along with some well-known old SEO techniques, may drive people faster to your website, but is that really more important than what they will find there? If you have this mindset, you may want to think about changing it.

A valuable and reliable content can make a customer to become loyal and to return to your website later. Individuals who read your website will prioritize yours over any other site if you really offer them what they need. Not long-tail and manipulated keywords, but informational and engaging content that they can put into use.

Connect with different sites with suitable content

In order to grow your site even more, you may want to consider linking out to various relevant blogs and sites. Many individuals think that, by doing this, you may take people off your own website. However, they could be wrong. By linking out to other pages and blogs, the link building will still be a basic component of SEO method.

This technique will make your website more appreciated and authoritative. It will be considered as a valuable source of information.

Provide the most valuable content

Once you decide what your topic is, what your keyword is and when you do a research on other websites, it’s time to create a mind-blowing content. It may be one of the most demanding parts, but likewise it’s the most crucial one.

If you want people to take note of your website, you need to create a content that will stand out. In addition, it could be beneficial if your content could achieve a conversational tone. This could be helpful if you want it to possibly rank for voice search queries.

Insert your keyword in the header

One thing that is significant to know is to know how to organize your website. In order for Google to know what your blog is really about, it’s advantageous to have a big title at the top of your page. Furthermore, it should be followed by few sub-headers.

It will be helpful not only for Google to see it, but it will make an easier job for your audience to find your website while skimming articles. Don’t forget to use the keyword once or more in sub-headers.

Alt-tag the image and put your keyword in it

Using images could be a really great idea. They can clarify your idea of the topic to Google. However, you need to change the image’s name. You can do it before you upload it or you can do the ‘alt tag’. It’s a method that you use after uploading the image.

The alt tag is great because it will show on your website even if the image has difficulties with loading.

Choose a correct keyword

Since a keyword is something this whole concept is based on, it’s natural to be focused on it. It is considered as a search term that you want to show on the first page, along with the post behind it. When you decide what you want to write about, the next thing you need to figure out is what people actually want to find about that certain topic.

A good and wanted keyword will help your site to appear on the very first search page. Due to the enhanced semantic search, you are not obligated to use the same match keyword. You are allowed to change it a bit and Google will still associate it with your original keyword.

Create a unique and reliable description for every blog post

A carefully-selected meta description is something that many individuals doesn’t pay enough attention to. It is the very first section that your audience notices when Google show your site.

It has to be unique and non-duplicated. Google can penalize you and you can create a lot of issues for yourself. Hence, in order to avoid that, make sure that your descriptions are not copied and 100% relatable to your topic.

Don’t neglect the role that URL plays

URL is another tool that Google uses in order to determine what your site is about. It should be meaningful, easy for understanding and relatable to the topic. If you don’t think this part through, SEO may not be effective for you.

Use smart the social media

If you want to improve your strategy and overall result, you need to be aware of the importance of social media. It plays a crucial role in the SEO method. Search signals are very significant and they can affect SEO rankings big way.

Likes, tweets and shares on different social media can significantly contribute to SEO rankings.

Provide and share your authentic content regularly

It’s not easy to create constantly contents that are both informational and engaging. It’s a demanding task that requires a lot of attention and skills. However, if you want to succeed, you need to be consistent and committed.

Uniqueness is one of the components that influence the freshness score and therefore rankings.


Things are constantly changing, and if you want to improve along with it, you need to keep up with the enhanced version of SEO. It’s significant for your success and positive results to keep in mind these 10 tips that we have provided for you. It will get easier once you get used to these factors that will help you to effectively update and improve your website.

Once you figure out how to focus on a unique and engaging content first and apply these, your blog posts and pages should rank quite well.