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Why invest in Shopify SEO?

If you want to dramatically increase your Shopify rankings, Shopify SEO is one of the best ways to do so. I can help you increase your site’s traffic, increase leads and clicks and ultimately drive more sales to your website.

Optimising your Shopify site using SEO is one of the most effective ways to improve your website’s rankings, and I have years worth of experience with Shopify to make sure that your site is optimised as much as possible. 

It’s a bit of a misconception that Shopify is only used to build small websites. Actually, in the top 10,000 websites, Shopify accounts for 5% of them. Since 2017, Shopify’s web presence has skyrocketed – indicating that not only is there lots of room for growth, but without SEO your Shopify website could get lost in the rankings with their other Shopify competitors. 

While out of the box Shopify has some basic SEO functions, most Shopify stores that are not optimised often encounter major issues such as cannibalisation, index issues, product accessibility and many more.

Why use SEO Services?

Fundamentally, if you already run your website’s CMS, you’ll already know how important generating high levels of traffic is. If potential customers are googling keywords associated with your website and can’t find you, then you’re going to lose out on a high number of potential sales and visitors to your website.

The way to ensure that your rankings improve is to implement a SEO strategy. With years of experience working with Shopify websites, you can rely on me to deliver excellent campaigns which are designed to transform your website’s traffic and generate a high amount of leads and sales.

What kind of Shopify SEO services do I offer?

I offer a wide range of different SEO services to help get your Shopify website ranking. Some of the main services I offer include:

Why choose me as your SEO specialist for your Shopify store?

I have over 14 years of experience in SEO and throughout my career, I’ve become an expert on Shopify SEO.

I am very familiar with the common issues presented by Shopify, from ghost URLs and stray collections to issues created by infinite scrolling, which unfortunately isn’t the best for SEO.

What is my SEO strategy for Shopify websites?

My strategy is to first fully audit your Shopify store, allowing me to identify all the issues that have impacted your website’s ranking. I’ll be able to implement fixes and solve any technical problems that are impacting your SEO.

I will then create a thorough strategy to help tailor your SEO campaign to the exact problems your site faces. We’ll discuss your business’s specific goals and targets, and I’ll make sure that my strategy aligns to your objectives.

I will ensure that all of your products and category pages are highly optimised and are easy to navigate and relevant for the site’s visitors. I will also create high quality content that will rank. A combination of these two techniques will ensure that your website’s pages become far more prominent on the first page of google than they used to be.

What makes for good SEO?

Many businesses spend a lot of money on SEO agencies and strategists, only to find out that their return on investment is limited.

However, unlike many other SEO strategies, I offer a bespoke service for each and every client. This makes sure that I’m really targeting what you want to focus on and what’s crucial for your business. This kind of precise focus ensures that my SEO strategy will increase sales and traffic.

Good SEO should increase relevance and improve trust and user experience. I help by improving your website so it ranks higher on Google, and relevant keywords will show your website.

Why do I need SEO for my Shopify store?

Like any other CMS, Shopify will require configuration and set up based on your website’s theme, product set up and website category.

SEO is a great way to ensure that your website shows up on search engines, and the aim is always to ensure that the keywords for your website will rank on the first page of Google.

A big sign that you should invest in SEO is if you type in one of the main keywords for your business on Google and your business does not show up on the first page. Without an SEO strategy, it’s all too likely that any potential customers will just opt to go with one of your highly ranking competitors, and you’ll be losing leads, traffic and sales without even knowing about it.

How long will I have to wait before my Shopify store begins to rank?

There’s no arbitrary time frame for ranking – it depends on your website’s niche, your current organic traffic, the difficulty of the keywords you wish to rank for, your website’s domain authority and the breadth and depth of your content coverage.

When you work with an experienced SEO consultant, such as myself, most of my clients see an improvement within three to six months of working with me.

However, this completely depends on how well your website ranks currently, your website’s target niche and your product coverage.

If your Shopify website is brand-new, it will take longer to rank than an older domain. With new websites, it will take time to build trust into the domain and the brand, but there are also benefits to a new domain – long-tail keywords are a great way to quickly get good results in your rankings.

If you want to improve the rankings of an existing website, then the time it will take for the improvements to take effect depends on a wide range of factors, such as existing performance, budget and your website’s content.

When you hire me as an SEO consultant, I will give you an estimate of when to expect results and ranking increases depending on my initial audit of your Shopify website.


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