Technical SEO is at the very core of rankings for any website, the bigger the site and the more pages it has, the more Technical SEO pitfalls to look out for.

Google has been pushing for website speed and experience, especially on mobile, for years now and I don’t see that focus moving away any time soon.

What kind of technical SEO work do I provide?

SEO Strategy
As a London-based SEO expert, I specialise in developing and executing full scale, results-focused and fully bespoke SEO strategies.

I will drive long-term, sustainable growth by knowing your competitors, defining a strong direction for your content and executing the project systematically.
Intent And Action Focus
Intent of each page and the desired action of a user underpin all of the keyword research and onsite SEO.

Google reviews each page and its purpose and whether the user is satisfied on the site visit.

Meeting this criteria is key to ranking any page.
Frequent SEO Tests
Weekly / biweekly testing of various changes and elements is the best way to find what’s working quickly.

Then I deliver large scale changes based on these tried and tested types of SEO onsite content/technical changes.

How much does a technical SEO service cost?

Before you commit to working with me, contact me today for a free 20 minute consultation.

I can walk you through your site and answer any specific questions you have about SEO.

After we decide to work together, the cost of my technical audits and technical SEO services will depend on numerous factors.

I cost my technical audits based on your business and your ranking goals.

Will the size of my website impact the cost of technical SEO services?

I also take into account how big your website is when it comes to technical audits. I offer technical audits and technical SEO as a part of your SEO strategy, so total cost varies depending on the size of your business and your SEO goals.

Contact me today for a free SEO consultation and I can give you a quote for how much my technical SEO services will cost.

How long does an SEO technical audit take?

On average, SEO technical audits can take up to 4 working days. If your website is much larger than average, the full technical audit may take a couple of weeks.

However, before any work will start, I will let you know exactly what kind of timelines you will be looking at and when you will be able to expect your full SEO technical audit.

What will my SEO technical audit include?

My technical audits are designed to be fully comprehensive so once they are completed, I have a complete understanding of what needs to be done to your website to improve organic traffic and your website’s rankings.

What are some examples of what my SEO technical audit will include?

A full SEO audit will include:

  • A summary review of your website
  • A keyword performance review
  • A site crawl health check
  • Page rendering check – this includes a mobile rendering check too
  • URL coverage and site index check
  • A review of your navigation
  • Crawl budget and page cache review
  • Technical checks (such as a code review and tag checks)
  • Summary of blocked resources, elements and media files
  • URL integrity checks
  • Weak content check and index bloat check
  • Duplicate content checks
  • Checking internal linking
  • Canonicalisation and cannabiliation checks
  • Checking robots.txt file
  • Checking page tags (such as H1, H2 tags)
  • Meta descriptions and meta title checks
  • Directive tag checks (such as no index tags)
  • Evaluating CTR
  • Checking page indexability and browser resource accessibility
  • Checking external and internal links
  • Use Google Pagespeed Insights to check speed and performance
  • Core Web Vitals report
  • Feedback for web development and code

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but this will give you a general indication of how in-depth my SEO technical audits are.

What will I receive with my SEO technical audit?

As I’ve previously mentioned, my SEO services are bespoke for every client that I work with.

Therefore, the data I collect from the SEO technical audit may be presented in different ways depending on what I discover while looking through your website. Requirements may change depending on the website that I’m auditing.

What will be part of your presentation when you have finished my technical audit?

Typically, I will present your technical audit through Google Sheets and a Google Slides presentation. Additionally, your audit may come with:

  • Spreadsheets with crawl data and next steps
  • Guidelines and suggestions for developers
  • Videos highlighting particular problems I discovered throughout the crawl and potential solutions

Why will some technical SEO audits require video explainers and others won’t?

Everything that you receive from me once I’ve completed your audit will depend on the extent of the problems I found while carrying out the technical audit and how complex the issues are to resolve.

I often include videos if I need to clearly explain complicated problems on your site. This could include crawl budget, duplicate content, broken links among other technical issues.

I will typically have a zoom meeting with you to discuss the findings of my technical audit with you in depth.

What kind of website platforms can you conduct audits on?

As an SEO Consultant with over 14 years of experience, I can conduct technical audits on a wide range of different websites, on my platform and in any language. Typically, I conduct audits on the following platforms:

Those platforms mentioned above are just a small sampling of the websites I do cover.

I can audit any website set up on any platform and there are no platform exemptions.

What happens after the technical audit - will you be able to implement the changes required?

I can work with your development team to ensure that all the changes are implemented.

If you do not have a web development team on hand, I can implement certain SEO technical fixes on most websites.

I can make sure all your outstanding issues are resolved.

Is it possible to get a post-migration and pre-migration technical audit from you?

I specialise in helping you with your website migration. I offer both pre- and post-migration technical audits.

If you’re moving your website from one platform to another or migrating your website or going through a consolidation phase, I can help you out.

I can provide full SEO consultancy as you go through the website migration.

I will fully audit your website and with the information gained from the audit, I will be able to guide you through your website migration without dropping a substantial amount of organic traffic.

Are there any free SEO technical audits available?

While I provide a free initial consultation for your website and your SEO, I do not provide any free SEO technical audits.

Audits require a great deal of time, effort and expertise, and as such they cannot be offered for free.

Why aren’t free SEO auditing tools recommended?

There are free SEO audits available elsewhere, however I would caution against using these. They are often created with SEO tools that cannot create a SEO audit with sufficient depth.

By using these tools, it’s more than likely that you’ll miss out on the big technical issues on your website because these tools aren’t as sophisticated to pick them up.

Technical audits need to be comprehensive and go beyond basic crawls, and the only way to achieve this is to have a trained professional carry out the crawl rather than an automated SEO tool.

What are some key industries that I work with?

I work with a wide variety of different industries, including:


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Why is Freelance SEO Consultancy London my Mission?

What makes SEO an engaging industry to work in?

Why this mission? Because that’s what makes me wake up in the morning, sorry to be very cringy here.

I have started as an SEO consultant exactly this way, by helping out a fellow employee to start his dream business up – a bed and breakfast – which thanks to my help in driving leads, allowed his business to thrive and for him to leave his day job.

What did SEO use to be like?

Coming back to this very first engagement into SEO consulting and my very first SEO client, reminds me of why I’ve started and why SEO feels like such a great thing to do every day.

Knowing this, and being connected to this initial value emotionally, makes me, I believe, a top choice for ‘SEO consultant in London’ and have been ranking top for ‘SEO freelancer in London’ and related keywords for years now.

What makes SEO an engaging industry to work in?

Working with great businesses, with people whose vision and point of view I admire makes this a constantly engaging space to be in.

How do I See The Future Of SEO Consulting?

Google is constantly developing in the way that they understand search queries.

And this development presents constant challenges for businesses that rely on search traffic to generate sales.

SEO Voice Search

I am seeing a lot more emphasis on ‘questions and answers’ present on the results from Google (their answers and direct answers boxes) as much as on people’s websites (the rise of ‘FAQ pages’ in schema).

Authoritative Google Data

I’m also seeing a push towards authoritative data. This sometimes results in censorship of some of the results, particularly in the health industry.
Google has employed more fact checking for health facts and possibly filters sites that provide bad medical information or make too many ‘alternative health’ claims.

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