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What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is one of the most popular content management systems available, and many companies use Wordpress on their sites.

As one of the most popular content management systems available, it’s no wonder that there’s a large range of SEO plugins available for Wordpress for you to choose from.

Some of the most popular SEO plugins for Wordpress include Yoast SEO for Wordpress, RankMath and All in One SEO.

Is just an SEO Plugin Enough?

However, just installing an SEO plugin on your Wordpress website isn’t enough to guarantee good SEO.

There’s a limit to what SEO plugins can do. They can assist with basic crawl functionality, keywords, titles and meta descriptions and they can also provide the user to customise what search engines they crawl.

If you’ve downloaded a SEO plugin for your website and your website is still struggling to rank, I can help you increase your website’s visibility and increase organic traffic for your brand.

Why has Wordpress become so popular?

There’s no difference between optimising a Wordpress website and optimising other websites, and the only real difference is how the CMS.

Wordpress has grown in popularity due to the easy and convenient way that businesses can build an online presence.

With that surge in demand, more and more businesses are looking to increase their website traffic.

This will allow them to sell more products, get more leads and attract more customers to their website.

How can I provide SEO services for Wordpress websites?

Naturally, the demand for high quality SEO services that is guaranteed to increase organic traffic has exploded. If you’re looking for someone to help manage your SEO strategy and ensure that your website will grow in traffic and clicks, I can help you reach your business goals.

I have over 14 years of experience in SEO – and I am very familiar with Wordpress websites and the unique challenges and characteristics of working with this type of CMS.

How much does Wordpress SEO services cost?

I’m a result oriented SEO consultant, and I will work with you to create a bespoke SEO campaign to tackle all the problems that your website is currently facing in terms of SEO.

Every Wordpress website is different and each client has different business goals and aims.

What will my bespoke SEO campaign look like?

My bespoke SEO marketing campaigns will create real growth, real organic traffic and real rankings and you’ll see a real return on your investment.

I’ll work closely with you to cement your brand as a leading authority in its industry and you’ll see engagement increase from organic, paid, social, direct and referral channels.

Due to my bespoke strategies, I will be able to give you a cost figure once we’ve had a free consultation.

This will allow me to understand your aims and objectives while keeping your budget in mind.


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Why is Freelance SEO Consultancy London my Mission?

What makes SEO an engaging industry to work in?

Why this mission? Because that’s what makes me wake up in the morning, sorry to be very cringy here.

I have started as an SEO consultant exactly this way, by helping out a fellow employee to start his dream business up – a bed and breakfast – which thanks to my help in driving leads, allowed his business to thrive and for him to leave his day job.

What did SEO use to be like?

Coming back to this very first engagement into SEO consulting and my very first SEO client, reminds me of why I’ve started and why SEO feels like such a great thing to do every day.

Knowing this, and being connected to this initial value emotionally, makes me, I believe, a top choice for ‘SEO consultant in London’ and have been ranking top for ‘SEO freelancer in London’ and related keywords for years now.

What makes SEO an engaging industry to work in?

Working with great businesses, with people whose vision and point of view I admire makes this a constantly engaging space to be in.

How do I See The Future Of SEO Consulting?

Google is constantly developing in the way that they understand search queries.

And this development presents constant challenges for businesses that rely on search traffic to generate sales.

SEO Voice Search

I am seeing a lot more emphasis on ‘questions and answers’ present on the results from Google (their answers and direct answers boxes) as much as on people’s websites (the rise of ‘FAQ pages’ in schema).

Authoritative Google Data

I’m also seeing a push towards authoritative data. This sometimes results in censorship of some of the results, particularly in the health industry.
Google has employed more fact checking for health facts and possibly filters sites that provide bad medical information or make too many ‘alternative health’ claims.

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