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What makes me the best choice as a London SEO consultant?

If you’re looking for a true ROI driven and weekly result driven campaign, with constant tests and improvements to your rankings, look no further. My focus is on delivering you increased online visibility, via a strategy centric campaign composed of the latest Google friendly ranking techniques and approaches.

What’s included in my SEO consultant services?

I provide a number of key services covering key aspects of a conversion driven SEO campaign:

  • Technical SEO consulting: website speed, structure and performance
  • Keyword and content landscape: keyword research, competitor analysis and insight
  • In-depth backlinks review and assistance in generating a more authoritative profile
  • All of these and more composed in a holistic campaign, agreed with you and delivered together, based on strong organisation and SEO task management approach.

How do I translate these SEO consulting services into results?

My approach is based on very quick data gathering, followed by continuous tests

  • I first gather insight into your situation via situational SEO analysis
  • I then review your competitors and what separates you ‘from the pack’ via gap analysis
    As part of the process I will present you with quick wins to aim to get you the first rankings as fast as a few weeks of working together
  • Finally, after achieving first wins, I present a longer term SEO strategy and approach, with a wider scope, to deliver you a long term increase in organic visibility.

The below is one of the clients I’ve worked with for a few months prior to one of the new Google updates:

Why do I focus on future proofed SEO consultancy services?

As much as I love to provide quick wins, they don’t matter much without a long term plan and approach that lasts.
Since my start in the SEO consultant career, over 13 years ago, I always aimed to deliver long term solutions for my business clients. What’s the point of ranking for a month or two, just to then drop because some shady SEO service providers built bad quality links?

I have worked with very large businesses, with long standing histories and reputations, who would condone such a short sighted approach, I pride myself on being able to deliver sustainable results which lead to online visibility increase over the long term, not just quick willy nilly solutions.

Would you like a free chat with an expert SEO consultant?

Use my mobile number +447455183193 or fill out the short and snappy contact form below to arrange a call. I am happy to discuss your situation and give some tips with no strings attached. I work in SEO because I enjoy it, it is my passion and I love to help people. It’s no hard feelings if you decide to work with an agency or someone else if we’re not a fit.

London SEO Consultant For Hire

I provide the following selection of expert SEO services – this list includes most, but not all services, so if there’s anything not covered here please let me know.

Link audits – reviews of backlink profiles to find potentially toxic links.

Local SEO – improving local visibility, via local citation building, onsite SEO and cross vertical approach to local lead generation for businesses.

Creative link building – developing strategies and executing link building campaigns. I base these often on competitors and only ever build links that have genuine purpose behind them, never on sites created only for link building purposes.

Content promotion & outreach – if there is already a content asset present on the site I can prepare and execute a plan of promoting it and putting it in front of relevant audience.

Technical SEO Audits – these range from top line (for businesses on limited budgets) to more indepth, covering ecommerce sites, mobile SEO, site speed and more.

Keyword Research – finding the best keywords matched to the different buying stages. This comes accompanied by exact suggestions on how to implement these keywords.

Content Audit and Content Schedule/Editorial Calendar Development – reviewing onsite content and providing a calendar for the inhouse content team (or a freelancer) to develop the required content to engage with your audience.

Content strategy development – larger, all encompassing work for businesses which haven’t engaged in content marketing before, or that need a new direction.

Panda & Penguin Penalty consulting – for anyone experiencing a drop in traffic that can be related to a penalty. I consult and help companies to find out which penalty it is most likely and what steps are required to get out of it. I worked on both manual Penguin penalties as well as filter based penalties.

What kind of CMS SEO do I provide?

I can provide SEO services for a range of platforms, including:





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About my SEO consulting services

What do I do for you as a freelance SEO consultant?

I prefer to work with clients on weekly sprints, running phonecalls, updating a trello board with the latest research and suggestions and working focused on results. This involves a lot of back and forth as I focus on delivering hypothesis to increase your rankings and we together implement the suggestions onto the site, if you have a web designer that’s even better and faster then. Having a copywriter also helps a lot. I use a variety of SEO tools to assist with all this and automate certain parts, but my expertise and experience pay key role as just blindly following the data isn’t my style.

How much do my SEO consultant services cost?

I currently sell my ‘SEO consulting time’ in groups of days at £600 – £550 + VAT each – I occasionally provide discounts based on a number of days or a specific fixed time period project. I find that for some campaigns two days per month suffice, however many campaigns and verticals need more commitment both from my side to provide indepth research, ideas and tackle any SEO challenges you face, as well as from your side – to implement them/review them and approve them speedily to allow us for fast progress.

How fast as a SEO freelancer in London can I rank your website?

I specialise in providing quick wins at the start of the project – I try to get results within the first month or two of working together. I find that it’s key to develop a way of working together as quickly as possible and deliver results as fast as possible. This also builds trust both sides and allows us then to focus on longer term projects and bigger challenges. Some rankings are very fast to improve, they may take a few hours of time, some are very indepth issues and at the end of the day, none of us are in Google’s ‘head’ to always for 100% know why they’re blocking you on certain topics or keywords.

Absolutely transparent SEO consulting service

I will charge you a fair price for a first-class service and I want all of my clients to see exactly what they are getting for their money. My reports are filled with facts and results and weekly calls will keep you up to date about the progress of our work. If you’re tired of never ending reports with irrelevant fluff and you want a professional seo consultant who can clearly demonstrate what they are doing for your website, you came to the right place.

Why my SEO consulting deliver real results?

Over the last 13 years, I have refined my approach to SEO to the point where I now provide a highly-focused service based on sophisticated processes that are known to generate objective results. Every campaign that I undertake is carefully planned and executed to ensure results within an agreed time-frame and budget.

Why SEO consulting is a continuous process?

The world of marketing is constantly evolving. New SEO techniques are constantly being developed in response to changes in search engine algorithms and other significant updates. Ongoing SEO consulting is vital if you want to stay on the first page of search engines. Creating content, building local citations and business mentions and links, improving and optimising your website as well as monitoring how your website is performing is important to make sure your business is keeping up with your competitors.

Getting started with me

If you would like to benefit from working with me and you do not want to waste any more time, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss your requirements in detail. I pride myself on a very results orientated approach and great communication and transparency.


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