How to Start Your Own SEO Business: Q&A With 14 Leading SEO Experts



Below is a collaborative blog post from 14 leading SEOs I follow and in some way admire. They were kind enough to spare some of their precious busy time and share their tips on how to start your own SEO business.

Whether it’s a company or just being a freelancer you’re after I guarantee you’ll find nuggets of knowledge (or a whole motherload of it if you read all of the below) to get you started. Enjoy and please thank them for contributing by following/retweeting their stuff cos they’re really top guys. Continue reading

How to visualise Twitter data in 5 minutes

Slightly more advanced graphs

Today I’ll show how you can visualise Twitter data (for example for a local SEO conference as I did in this example) to generate nice curated content and display trends. Hopefully you’ll find this as useful as I did.

Here’s a taster of how the graphs you create today may look:

Slightly more advanced graphs

Slightly more advanced graphs

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How To Be Happier – 103 Ways To Be Happy

ways to be happy

Recently I realise more and more how busy I am with my life and it seems to me from recent reading that it’s a very common issue.

A while back I stumbled across this post by Chris Winfield – listing 103 different ways to be happier. We chatted with Chris as I thanked him for the list and asked if I can reproduce his work in a different format – he agreed (thanks again Chris).

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