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I’m Krystian – an SEO consultant based in Brighton (often spending days in London seeing clients or running training sessions). I’ve been doing and living SEO for over 9 years now, first agency side (leading SEO departments in some of the best digital marketing agencies in UK), now I’ve been fully freelance (providing SEO consulting) for over a year now.

I’ve worked with multiple businesses helping them upskill internal teams, running training sessions, helping in processes and documentation but also providing white label services. I also help smaller businesses directly with my SEO consulting and have been very successful and bringing great results and ROI on the campaigns I’ve been involved in.

I’d love to help you on your project so shoot me an email at krystian@newtide.agency or call me on 07455183193.

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My Clients

My services

Search Engine Optimisation

With over 9 years of experience in this relatively young industry I am a great all rounder in all aspects of SEO

PPC / AdWords

While my main speciality is SEO, I also managed large PPC accounts and I am well versed in most aspects of PPC

Content Marketing

Once all the technical SEO aspects are in place it’s the content marketing that’s the next step. I can set up an editorial calendar and manage your content marketing strategy

Ethical Link Building

I only believe in ethical link building and that’s what I practice. My links pass manual reviews and are created with a real business purpose, not for spamming search engines

Link Penalty & Recovery

I removed many manual penalties and can produce link audits and link removal projects. Same goes for Panda penalties.

Local SEO

I have completed many local SEO projects where key was increasing local visibility.



I will provide all documentation and insight into each stage of the project. Client education, understanding and buy-in are crucial for successful projects in my opinion.


I have over 9 years of experience in the SEO industry, having worked my way up the career ladder and having worked on 100’s of websites in multiple industries.


Because I run a new business I am competitive in terms of my hourly rate and you’re getting excellent value for money.

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Full Services List

Link audits – reviews of backlink profiles to find potentially toxic links.
Local SEO – improving local visibility, via local citation building, onsite SEO and cross vertical approach to local lead generation for businesses.
Creative link building – developing strategies and executing link building campaigns. I base these often on competitors and only ever build links that have genuine purpose behind them, never on sites created only for link building purposes.
Content promotion & outreach – if there is already a content asset present on the site I can prepare and execute a plan of promoting it and putting it in front of relevant audience.
Technical SEO Audits – these range from top line (for businesses on limited budgets) to more indepth, covering ecommerce sites, mobile SEO, site speed and more.
Keyword Research – finding the best keywords matched to the different buying stages. This comes accompanied by exact suggestions on how to implement these keywords.
Content audit and content schedule/editorial calendar development – reviewing onsite content and providing a calendar for the inhouse content team (or a freelancer) to develop the required content to engage with your audience.
Content strategy development – larger, all encompassing work for businesses which haven’t engaged in content marketing before, or that need a new direction.
Panda & Penguin Penalty consulting – for anyone experiencing a drop in traffic that can be related to a penalty. I consult and help companies to find out which penalty it is most likely and what steps are required to get out of it. I worked on both manual Penguin penalties as well as filter based penalties.



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